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Presentations of projects 2022-2023

Clinic Coordinator

17 Feb 2023

Congratulations to the new generation of Clinicians!

On 17 February 2023, Clinicans have presented their final projects to the faculty supervisors at Radboud Law Faculty.

Master students Fleur Brokke, Camilla Migliosi and Laura Wissink presented the project entitled 'The Dublin procedures and the right of the child' commissioned by NCJM in which they have focused on the right of unaccompanied minors subject to the Dublin procedures to social and psychological support. Kim van der Vegt, João Luz Lugon and Chidimma Nweke presented the project exploring justiciable problems and legal needs of non-EU students working in the Netherlands illegally or semi-legally inspired by cooperation with HiiL and Justice Innovations Lab.

Sam Kuster, Oumayma Masaoudi and Anna Fermin presented the project commissioned by PILP looking into opportunities for strategic litigation in relation to an ongoing Dutch government project in the area of crime prevention. Chamindri Hiniduma Liyanage, Hamza Rafiq, Sjoerd van de Kar and Nastasia Bankert presented a project 'A comparative assessment of UN Committee and ECtHR case law on selected issues.' EHRAC asked them to compare the recent case law of three UN committees, among others on the right to life, non-discrimination and the freedom of expression, to assist their decision-making on litigation and/ or advocacy for human rights protection in contexts of repression of civil society in Russia, and other states.

Two other students, Maëla Lerminiaux and Friederike Ottehenning, who have followed the Clinic extra-curricularly, have carried out research commissioned by the Open Society Justice Initiative. Following the presentations, all 15 Clinicians were granted the Certificates of Participation in the Clinic edition 2022-2023. This was a festive occasion to mark the end of the official Clinic term and to welcome the students to the growing community of Radboud Clinicians.

We wish to thank colleagues at and outside of Radboud Law Faculty who have shown their interest and/or are sharing their expertise with the Clinic, including Marijke ter Voert, Kris van der Pas, Ronald Tinnevelt, Thailand Institute of Justice, Lize Glas, Sally Thin, Samuel Ballin, Annick Pijnenburg, Stefanie Jansen-Wilhelm, Stephanie Rap, Anita Böcker, Masja van Meeteren, Tesseltje de Lange, Henri de Waele, Jasper Krommendijk, Colin Fenwick, Janelle Diller and the Institions for Conflict Resolution research programme at Radboud, among others. The Clinic activities will continue well into 2023. Stay tuned to learn about the upcoming Clinic events!

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