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Unbalanced Scales of Justice


Image by Markus Spiske
Applications for the academic year 2023-2024 now open


The Radboud Law Clinic on Human Rights (7 ECTS) is meant for Master's students who would like to contribute to addressing real human rights problems, and work with organisations in that field. The projects involved are suggested by non-profit organisations. You will work as a team to deliver a high-quality product such as a research report to inform advocacy or litigation. At the end of the course, you will present your findings within the university and to the partner organisation(s). The working language for the plenary sessions will be English. In your research several sources may be in other languages than English. All of you will contribute in writing in English, yet for some projects a Dutch language product may also be required. In addition to the work for the project, you will prepare an individual report reflecting on your work at the clinic, the process of cooperation, your plans for the future after your graduation and the application of themes and skills both during your studies and beyond.


The weekly Clinic plenary sessions take place on Fridays, 15:30-17:15. Other meetings will be planned in consultation with the supervisor and your project group.


You will learn by doing the actual work, supervised by lecturers at the law school, and within a peer group of students. At the same time, apart from a Master course, this is also an opportunity to work on your skills and build your network. The projects will apply an international and/or European law framework  and often also involve (comparative) domestic law. Besides working on the projects, you will have the opportunity to discuss with interesting guest speakers about your role as an academic professional, methodology, responsibility & ethics and an online exchange with the Thai Institute of Justice; you will also have the opportunity to chair meetings, organize a seminar, or an online meet-up with human rights RU-alumni; and we will watch and discuss a human rights movie.

For whom? 

We strive for a mix of Dutch law and International & European Law Master's students. Each year only a limited number of dedicated students can be selected to take part in this clinic. The student selection will be made on the basis of motivation, commitment, the competences needed for the specific projects and a good balance between students from both the Dutch law and the International & European Law Master. 

How to apply? 

Instead of registering for this course you will need to fill in a Law Outside of the Classroom pre-application form by  Monday, 11 September 2022 5 pm CET and indicate Radboud Law Clinic as (one of) your choice(s).  You will then be contacted by the clinic coordinator with a request for more information.


Interviews will take place 12-15 September and you will receive information on whether you have been selected for this semester’s projects by 18 September. The selected students will then be registered for the course. For those selected, the first plenary session will be on Friday, 22 September. While the plenary meetings will be on Fridays, you will take responsibility to arrange for the meetings with your subgroup separately, in coordination with the supervisor for your project.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please send an email to:

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