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Interview opportunity: Non-EU students working in the Netherlands

Anna Pivaty

7 Dec 2022

Respondents wanted for a research project on legal rights of non-EU students working in the Netherlands

Hello everyone,

we are law Master students of the Radboud Law Clinic for Human Rights.

We are looking for non-EU students who work (or have worked) in the Netherlands in the sectors of: hospitality (hotel/restaurant); retail (selling goods); or services (including domestic services). We especially want to reach out to students who work without a work permit or outside of their work permit and/or perform ‘undeclared’ work.

Our goal is to protect the legal rights of non-EU students who work in the Netherlands. We aim to raise their awareness of their legal status and their rights.

Interviews are conducted in full anonymity either in person or online via

No personal information is required! This a safe environment 😊!! 

The project is also conducted by non-EU students, so we can relate to the problems you may be facing. 

This is an opportunity to contribute to advocating for better access to the Dutch job market for non-EU students.

If you are interested in taking part (anonymously) in this research or you know someone who would, please send an email to and we will get back to you.

Please spread the word to help us reach out to as many international students as possible!

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